Cards for Australian Armed Forces

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with you that I received another Christmas Card in the mail last week.  This one was a little special as it had travelled from Afghanistan to me.  No, it's not home made but it is unusal from Kandahar and it was all about the message inside.

This card came from Flight Lieutenant McCubbin, one of our deployed personnel in Afghanistan who received Care packages from Australia with some of my cards.  I wanted to share with my group that he actually took the time to write and thank me and my group, and that his mother was thrilled to receive such a wonderful card in the mail for Christmas.  Same with many of the people he works with they are so happy to be able to send cards home to their families.

If you would like to know more about sending cards to our Australian Armed Forces working overseas please contact Karen Cumming who is the organiser, and this is her blog address  as it's a wonderful help to our Aussie troops it's very worthwhile.

I want to thank the ladies that came and helped me assemble cards and who also donated some of their own to the cause.


  1. How exciting and so lovely that he took the time out to send a thank you. Vx


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