More Suspended Butterfly Easel Cards

Hi Everyone,

These are for a customers order, but thought you may like to see them again anyway, as it is a card I've designed before, but because she would like 5, they are all going to be slightly different.

I hate mass production, after all they are handmade cards and as such I like them to be individual, not copied, so there will be different colours, slightly different layout and arrangement of elements, but essentially and functionally the same.  I really only do the mass production thing when I'm working on swaps, and I do get bored with making the same thing as well.

This is the first one I completed today.

and a side on view here with a closeup

Here's a couple more I've completed.

and I finally got them all finished.

I've made sure each once is slightly different and I'm really glad this job is finished and I can organise the post.  I'll share with you some other cards that were also ordered next time.

Have a great day.


  1. loved your butterflies. but I do have a question , that is if you do not mind.
    What are they suspended on?? Is it satay sticks?? thanks Rosalie.
    ps I agree with you cannot bring myself to make the same card over and over, even for swaps.

  2. Hi Rosalie, thanks for asking. It's actually fine elastic, like the type used for shirring. It's available from a drapery.

  3. Do you have basic instructions for how you made this - measurements and stuff like that? If so, please email me at Thanks Carolyn.

    1. Sorry I have made these a number of times before and I didn't think to take measurements of write instructions. These are basic easel cards with the extra window cutout and the butterflies strung on fine elastic adhered between the layers. Hope that helps. so sorry I took so long to reply. I only found this again when I had another enquiry for instructions.


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