Silver Wedding Anniversary - You Decide!

Hi Everone,

I busily made these cards needed for a Silver Wedding Anniversary this weekend and after I made the first one, I decided to make another, then I couldn't decide which would be the more appropriate.

Can you help me?

Here they are:-

I've used Apothecary Art stamp set for this card and the greeting from Well Scripted (retired) set.

And on this card I've used Affection Collection with Elements of Style.

Now the general concensus so far is the younger generation prefer Affection Collection with a more modern take and the older prefer the elegance of the Apothecary Art card.  The Jury is still out!

I may just take them both along and let my Aunt decide which one she wants the relatives to sign to give her brother.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I must be young at heart! I'm with the girls on this one. Definitely number 2 for me. Both are spectacular though and will be greatly admired whichever is chosen. Vx

  2. I must be old! I love the first one. Sorry probably no help after reading Vicki's comment!


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