CWA Christmas Craft Fair

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would share a few pictures of my table at the Craft Fair from this morning.  While many of you that attend or participate in much larger Fairs may be used to seeing a more professional and elaborate display, I find this suits me.  It's quite a small venue.  The tables are provided and the cost is minimal and it's local, only 5 minutes from home.

Here are some photos with my eldest daughter Karree sitting at our table, I was behind the camera at the time. My youngest daughter Anna didn't want to be photographed today.  She has just had braces put on Thursday and was feeling quite uncomfortable.  I sent the girls to the pharmacy to get some Bonjella for her.
 I'm happy to report that most of the Calendar Easels and Post it Note holders sold.  I have found that the items that can be viewed on the table sell better than those in the stands, boxes and baskets.  Not many will take the time to look through them, although they do save room when you only have a small space.  Most of the Petite Purses sold as well, and about half of my containers of Sugar Coated Nuts.  None of the Coffee Mug gifts sold, but I'm set for gifts for the teachers now and have a head start for friends too.

And here I am.  I got to socialize with a lot of local ladies that I only see from time to time and I handed out our Holiday Mini catalogue to at least 4 ladies who haven't been  regular class attendees for the last few years.  I'm hoping this will inspire them to get back into their cardmaking.  I'm sitting towards the end of the room with my back to the main entrance.  Either side of my table were stands with Jewellry displays.  This did come in handy, because with the spending money I'd given the girls, they not only bought things for themselves, they also bought my Christmas present (I'm getting earrings).

This is the view in front of me.  I was looking at these all morning when there wasn't people walking in between us.  It's probably difficult to make out with my naf photography skills, but these cow cushions were adorable. 

And finally, another purchase I made, which I have photographed here at home is a gift for my little niece.
This cute Koala was knitted by one very talented elderly lady who used to attend my card classes (pre SU) when I worked in the local scrapbooking store.  I'm so pleased that she's still creating in some form.  She knits for fun and only charged $6 for this Koala, which was much less than a lot of others were asking for their hand knitted creations.  I couldn't go past this guy.

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my local Craft Fair and seeing some photos.


  1. Great display and wonderful products - I love your coffee and surprised they didn't sell - never can tell from one day to the next hey!
    Hope you get some sales and class bookings from the mini's you gave out. xx

  2. Thanks for all the info on how it went Carolyn. Pleased that the easel calendars sold. The cows are cute. Did you buy one? And the koala was a steal!! Good photos of you and Karee. Poor Anna - hope the Bonjella is helping her. I think your display looked great. Vx

    1. Thanks Vicki, I didn't buy the cow cushions, but I would have liked to - they were $25 ea.

  3. Thanks for sharing. I am preparing to do my first fair in a couple of weeks - so nice to hear the tips on how to lay things out - although where I am doing mine they put everyone's creations out grouped by colour not product.
    My Miss 12 can sypathize with your daughter - she got her braces about 6 weeks ago - thought I'd gone past buying bonjella.
    Love the koala - so much effort and a great price.

  4. Great Display Carolyn and a good way to guage what sells well etc! Great way to get the kids involved too, bit of retail experience LOL1 Thanks for sharing - Ruthy x

  5. Congratulations on your craft fair success, Carolyn! You've items look terrific (so do you & your daughter!) Glad to hear that all your hard work paid off for you.
    Like you - I wouldn't have been able to pass up that cute Koala either!
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Thank you for all your comments ladies.


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