More Christmas Craft Fair Goodies

Hi Everyone,

This is the eve of the Christmas Craft Fair I'm participating in tomorrow morning.  I have a few more things to share, including some food.

These are some Christmas Coffee Mugs that I purchased and filled with some treats, then wrapped in cellophane and added our Tag to the front, ready for gift giving.

I've used the Snow Festival designer tags from the Holiday Mini on the packaging.  It's an idea from the Mini itself.  Below is the picture of the cup and contents before wrapping, as it's hard to tell otherwise.

I've added a couple of candy canes, so the recipient has the option of sharing (or not!)

I've also made my Famous Sugar Coated Peanuts, which I usually make every Christmas for Family and friends, but this year have decided to spread the love and see if others like them, and if they will sell.  I'll have to remember the Warning about Peanut allergies though.  No Free Tastings just in case.

I've used the Friendship Preserved stamp set and Window Framelits on the packaging.  I think they look great all lined up.
Here is the recipe, if you would like to try making these for your own family for Christmas.  It's very easy and they're very moorish.

3 Cups Raw Peanuts
2 Cups Water
1 Cup White Sugar
Rose Pink Food colouring

Boil and boil and boil in a large pot on the stove until the water starts evaporating and the sugar crystalises and starts to coat the nuts.  This will take over an hour.  By the time the sugar starts to crystalise you must constantly stir them with a wooden spoon to avoid them catching and burning in the bottom of the pot.  Keep stirring until no more water remains and tip them out into a tray to cool.  They may still look a little moist but will dry as they cool.  I usually bottle them in glass, but was keeping the cost down to sell.  Enjoy

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  1. they all look terrific Carolyn. I especially like your YUM label on the peanuts.Vx


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