A Birthday Card from the US

Hello Everyone,

I felt like it was my Birthday all over again when I went to the mail and received another surprise in my P O Box yesterday.  Gee I'm milking this birthday for all its worth aren't I?  Another friend suggested I say this is my Birthday month and be done, because I obviously can't fit it all into one day.

This Card was quite special having travelled a long distance to get here and actually took 2 weeks to arrive all the way from NY.  Hey, I must be awesome, as I have such awesome friends sending me cards (yes speaking like the American).

Have a look as this breathtaking beautiful Vintage card, with you guessed it.....da da  Butterflies.

The creator of this card is my friend Justin, of JK Cards fame.  Just click on his name to visit his blog and see some of his other delightful cards.  I like to check them out each day.  This card is in fact, perfect for me.  Just wait till you see the inside.  OMG

Even better right?  The Swallowtail butterfly has been cut out and adhered on LHS but sprung on acetate on the RHS so that it pops up.

This is why I LOVE my crafty friends.  So thoughtful and so inspiring at the same time.  How fun is it to receive something in the mail designed especially for you.  Thank you Justin.  Big X from Mwah.  Actually my 14yro daughter is in love with this card too.  She's a vintage girl and likes butterflies as well.

I really couldn't contain my excitement at receiving this card in the mail, but I waited , instead of ripping it open, right then and there, because I wanted to be able to sit down, put my specs on (didn't want to miss any of the finer details) to see it properly and appreciate it myself first (am getting on you know).  It arrived very late for my birthday on 9th, but so worth the wait.  Thanks again, Justin.

Hope you have all enjoyed seeing this gorgeous card I've received.  One last look.

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day, wherever you are.


  1. It's divine Carolyn..:0)How lovely to still be celebrating your special day, l agree a birthday month sounds good! xxx

  2. How lucky you are to have received a JK card! It's gorgeous!

    1. Yes, I know how lucky I am, thank you. It's beautiful.

  3. Now that is an awesome card alright! You are very special person indeed. Vx

    1. Was certainly feeling special when all my beautiful birthday cards kept arriving. Justin's is awesome (american speak) alright.


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