Cards for Aussie Troops and some weekend pics from Golden Anniversary celebrations.

Hello Everyone,

I have no creations of my own to share with you this weekend.  Instead I have a couple of creations that I turned into cards, that were actually part of swaps from my dear friend Vicki of Cards on the Table with Vicki.  I knew I would have no time for creating this weekend with my parents 50th Wedding anniversary down the Gold Coast.  We've been away and had a lovely time.

Here are Vicki's cards.  A tag card

A wonderful creation using Bird Builder and various other punches.

And a Present Card

I am sure that my friend Vicki won't mind me showing these to you on her behalf, and I'm sure she will give me permission to send these cards, as extras that I donate to our Aussie Troops.

Now I wanted to show you a couple of pics from my weekend away.  It was due to my parents 50th Anniversary, the card for which I already showed you.

 Here are my Mum and Dad

Here is my youngest sister Gen and me (such a fun girl)

Beautiful piano in the main foyer

Our family, Mum, Dad and all the girls.

Finally, I want to show a really nice pic of my girls who also came down for the weekend.  They were in charge of babysitting their younger cousin while we went for drinks and dinner.

We had a wonderful time catching up.  I hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. No of course I don't mind. And good to see them put to such a good cause. Love the photos from the weekend.

    1. Great thanks Vicki. Those cards are already on their way to Sydney in a batch of 50 others posted today. I actually still have more photos on the camera to go thru yet.

  2. Gorgeous cards from Vicki. And your "remnants" card is absolutely gorgeous.
    Beautiful photos of your weekend. Great you were able to celebrate with your parents this very important milestone. Your girls.... oh boy, I see a lot of resemblance to their mum!!!! Have a great evening.

    1. Thanks so much Louise, I see a lot of me and my side of the family in my girls too. I also had a great many more pics on FB, if u happen to be a user.


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